Sunday, February 27, 2011

old vs. new

Lately it seems that every architect is either a) throwing a cube on the ground with a few windows and calling it modern architecture or b) going the extreme opposite direction and creating these insane amorphic abstractions to be different. I came across some photos of Princeton circa 1969

and found myself getting a bit sentimental for the town I lived in for almost 2 years and longing to live somewhere with some history. There is something romantic about the architecture of the past, the buildings that took years to create, with such painstaking detail put into them. buildings that grow more beautiful with age, when a graceful patina settles over them, rather than looking outdated in a matter of years... I'm not sure if the architecture is what creates those feelings or the time period that it represents, a time when people wrote letters and there was actual human interaction! some are able to blend old and new in a thoughtful and original way (berlin), but most cities seem to be carelessly creating these bland cookie-cutter urban landscapes. regardless, I think i'd rather be here..

than here..

(middle photo via lost)